Victoria Estates FAQ’s

1. How much are the monthly assessments and what do they pay for?

The monthly assessment for 2021 is $160.00. The assessments pay for the maintenance of the common areas (streets, sidewalks, parks, common area landscape areas, pool and exercise/recreation area, street lights and common area lighting), liability and hazard insurance for the Association, security guard service, management and administrative expenses to operate the Association. A portion of the monthly assessment goes into reserve funds to provide for long-term maintenance and replacement of common area components. 


 2. Is the Association responsible for maintenance of the roofs, fences, paint and termite treatment of the individual properties?

No. Victoria Estates Master Association is a Planned Unit Development (PUD). The owners of the individual properties are responsible for the maintenance of their own property.  


3. Does the homeowner assessment include insurance coverage for the individual properties?

No. The owner of the individual property is responsible to provide insurance, both hazard and liability insurance on his or her property. 


4. Why is overnight parking not allowed on the street?

Parking is allowed on the street from 6:00 am to 12:00 am. In order to provide for adequate emergency access, overnight street parking is not allowed.


5. I have six vehicles and cannot park them all in my garage and driveway. Can I park one on the street?

Street parking variances are available for residents that have more resident vehicles than their individual lot will accommodate parking.   Residents are required to use all available parking in their garage and driveway before they will be considered to receive an annual overnight resident street parking permit. Proof of current operable registration of all resident vehicles and a current Resident Information Sheet is required as part of the application process. The vehicle obtaining a parking permit must be parked in front of the owner’s residence. Contact the management office to apply.


 6. I lost my pool access card. How do I obtain another?

Replacement pool access Fobs are available at the management office for the cost of $50.00. You will be required to provide proof of residency at the time of purchase.

The Fob that was lost will be deactivated.


7. My vehicle access tag for the vehicle gates stopped working. Can I just have the guard at the front entry open the gate for me?

New vehicle tags are available by making an appointment with Lordon Management Company and the vehicle tag will be replaced.  If a new vehicle is acquired they does not replace a registered vehicle, the cost is $20.00 each.  Each resident vehicle is required to have a vehicle access tag. Vehicles without vehicle access tags must use the visitor entrance.  While the guard can admit residents that provide proper identification, this is discouraged as it results in traffic control issues at the main entrance and delays vehicle entry for residents and visitors.


 8. I’m concerned about maintaining my privacy and prefer to not complete a Resident Information Sheet. Why is it necessary to provide this information?

Victoria Estates is a private-gated community. Twenty-four hour guard service is provided for the screening of visitors to the community. Residents are responsible to provide the guard service with authorization for admittance of their visitors. This is accomplished by providing the guard with your resident information, calling down your expected visitors, and the guard contacting you for authorization to admit an unexpected visitor not listed as a permanent visitor on your Resident Information Sheet. 


 9. How do I report violations of the CC&R’s or Rules and Regulations? Will my identity be disclosed to the offender?

Each resident has the right to report any violations of the governing documents for investigation and appropriate enforcement action. Violations must be reported in writing, providing the address where the violation occurred and your contact information. While you must include your contact information, your identity will not be disclosed to the offender. 


10. I received a violation notice. I do not believe that I have committed the violation. Can I appeal?

The first notification of an alleged violation will be issued as a warning notice.  If you believe that the notice was issued in error, you must contact the management office in writing. If a violation hearing has been scheduled for the issuance of a violation fine, you may attend the hearing to appeal the violation to the Board of Directors. If you are unable to attend the hearing, you may appeal the violation in writing. You will receive a written determination of the Board within 15 days of the hearing. 


 11. I have been the victim of a crime or have witnessed a crime within Victoria Estates. Should I report the incident to the security service for their action?

All crimes committed within Victoria Estates should first be reported to the local police authorities. You may also report the incident to the security officer at the guard house after contacting the police.


 12. I’ve listed my property for sale. What is the procedure for notification to the Association and receiving the necessary Association documentation and information for the buyer?

As the seller of the property, it is your responsibility to provide perspective buyers with all information regarding the Association, prior to the close of escrow. Be sure when listing your property for sale you advise your listing agent that your property is part of an Association. Your agent will be sure to disclose the Association in the listing and documents and an accounting demand will be ordered from the Association by your escrow company. Be aware that there will be advance fees charged for supplying this information.


 13. I’m thinking of renting my property. Is it allowed and what is the procedure?

The rental/leasing of the property is allowed. The property must be rented or leased for residential use as a single-family dwelling for not less than on a monthly basis. A copy of a current rental agreement is required, along with a Resident Information Sheet, listing all occupants of the property. It is your responsibility to provide your tenants with a copy of the CC&R’s and Rules and Regulations and to make sure that they adhere to them. The Owner of the property is responsible to the Association for any infractions of the governing documents committed by their tenants.  If renting or leasing your property within Victoria Estates, make sure to notify the management office of your new address and contact information. 


 14. I would like to attend the meetings of the Association.  When and where and how often are meetings held?

The Board of Directors meets on a monthly basis on the second Tuesday of each month at 7:30 pm. The Board conducts the regular business of the Association at the Tuesday meeting. Violation hearings and violation appeals are held in closed session at 6:00 pm on the second Tuesday of each month. All Association meetings are held at the Victoria Estates Clubhouse/meeting room by the pool. The annual meeting and election of Board of Directors is conducted in July each year. 


 15. I am interested in volunteering my time as a Director or on a Committee. What do I need to do?

 Victoria Estates is always looking for participation of the members volunteering their time. If you are interested in appointment to a committee or running for an elected director position, please contact the management office or send an email on the VEMA website.

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